Tattoo Scheduling

How to Schedule an Appointment

Appointments are typically booked out anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months in advance depending on the artist.

Each artist has their own method of booking appointments: email, online booking form, or some other method. Check out each artist's page to see how their specific process works.

Once the artist you're interested in has opened their books, you'll have a limited window to submit your tattoo to them for review.

THIS PART IS IMPORTANT: due to the nature of bookings and the popularity of some artists, it's nearly impossible for them to respond to every entry. Please do not be discouraged if don't receive a reply for your artist. It means that your tattoo wasn't chosen for this particular booking. But we encourage all of our prospective customers to try again next time, or to see if another one of our artists has a booking open.

The more flexible you can be with your schedule, the more likely an artist can find you a spot for an appointment!

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