Tattoo Pricing

How much will my tattoo cost?

This is a difficult question to answer accurately without having a consultation first so we don’t typically give quotes online or over-the-phone.

In general the cost is $100/hr but there are many factors that will contribute to the final price. The size, detail, and placement on the body play into how long the tattoo will take to complete and most of those terms are subjective… What is small? How long is a forearm? What does simple look like to you?

A face-to-face sit down with the artist you would like to work with is the best place to start. These consultation appointments offer you and your tattooer time to chat about design, style, size, and placement on the body so together you can come up with the perfect design. This will also help us give you a reliable estimate of how long the tattoo will take to complete and cost.

For out-of-town clients phone consults and email exchanges are possible, but with the understanding that price may fluctuate based on the final design and size.