Minor Policy

For all of recorded history body piercing has been used as a right of passage to mark transitionary periods in one’s life. It has also been used as a tool of expression which important at any age! Piercing minor children with parental consent is something we offer and are honored to help with.

Consent is an important factor for us being able to guide younger folks through getting pierced, so as long as they can tell us with confidence that a new piercing is what they want we are happy to help!

There are a few rules/regulations we have in place to ensure everyone has a safe piercing experience and the minor’s parent/guardian MUST be present at the time of the piercing.

The state of Michigan and our liability policy requires that minors under the age of 18 bring along 3 main things to protect the parent/guardians right to consent for the minor child:

  1. Photo ID for the minor: School ID, Child ID Card, State ID, Drivers License or Passport
  2. Photo ID for the parent/guardian: State ID, Drivers License, Military ID or Passport
  3. Birth Certificate or Legally Binding Guardianship Document

All piercings performed on a minor are done at the discretion of the piercer, the following chart outlines general age restrictions by piercing type.


5-8* with special requirements
8-10 appointment strongly suggested
11+ all good :)

Helix “Ear Cartilage” (Rim of Ear)


Inner Ear ie: flat, tragus, conch, forward helix, Daith, Rook


Facial ie: Nostril, Septum, Eyebrow


Navel (Belly Button)

16+ very anatomy dependent



Industrial, Orbital, Snug, Anti-tragus, Bridge, Tongue, Cheek, Surface/Dermal

For health risk and healing purposes these are 18+ piercings

Nipple, Genital


*Ear lobe piercings are available for minors as young as 5 years old. For little ones aged 5-8 we do require a pre-piercing consultation prior to scheduling the actual piercing appointment.

We like to allow kids the opportunity to familiarize themselves with their piercer and the studio. Taking the time to talk about what to expect, what to do to prepare for the day of, how the piercing process works, how to care for their new piercings and seeing if they are up to the task of maintaining their new piercings and being patient through the healing is important for everyone.

Piercing appointments for minors age 5-8 are required and available from 10am - 12 noon and must be scheduled ahead of time. During these hours most of the tattoo artists are not working and we can make it as relaxing and stress-free as possible :) For minors age 9+ appointments are still suggested but not required necessarily.

Piercings are a commitment and there are some restrictions to activities that may affect your child's lifestyle. Swimming is a big one, fresh piercings should not be submerged in any body of water (baths, pools, lakes, rivers or ocean water) for 1-3 months on average.

Contact sports and rough housing also increase the chances of trauma and subsequent irritation.

Some extracurricular activities such as sports, band, and after-school clubs and or jobs will not allow for certain piercings so checking into that ahead of time is a good idea.

Feel Free to call us with any additional questions and we’ll happy to answer them!