Jewelry Info

To give your new (or healed) body piercing the best chance of healing (maintaining health) the design, material and finish of your jewelry are KEY!

At Honest to Goodness ALL initial piercing jewelry is made of:

  • Certified implant-grade ASTM F-136 Titanium
  • 18 karat gold (Threaded pieces have ASTM F-138 implant grade steel threads for longevity)
  • Fused quartz glass, lead-free borosilicate, and lead-free soda-lime glass

ALL initial piercing jewelry used in the studio is either internally threaded or threadless. Most manufacturers of this type of jewelry are focused on surface finish as well which is a paramount to healing, not to mention cute and shiny. :)

Most experienced piercers agree that piercings with internal or threadless jewelry heal faster, and with fewer complications.

Can piercings done with/containing externally threaded jewelry heal?

Yes, and sometimes without problem, BUT...

Poor finishing and external threads are reported to harbor more bacteria than high polish internal or threadless styles though so please be mindful when selecting the right jewelry for you.

Visit Brian Skellie (Master of All Things Piercing) for more detailed infromation.

The size chart provided by BVLA shows how different common jewelry styles like Captive Bead Rings, Circular Barbells, Curved Barbells, Labrets and Straight bars are measured by jewelry manufacturers. Your unique anatomy will determine what size is right for you, feel free to stop in for sizing.

The state of Michigan requires that jewelry for all initial piercing meet a minimum standard, which we are happy to go above and beyond!  The details of these requirements are given in Appendix B of the rules and regulations of body art facilities PA 375

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