Are there any shop rules to consider?

  • Please refrain from bringing small children (unless they’re getting pierced or jewelry installed) or bring another adult to supervise them while you’re having work done

  • Momma always said, “Look with your eyes, not with your hands” 

    • Avoid touching jewelry and display trays in the studio, we are happy to hold things up for you to get a better look 

  • Bring previously worn jewelry in a plastic baggie, or ask for a portion cup when you arrive :)

    • Please don’t place previously worn loose jewelry on the counter, WE WILL TOTALLY CRY…

  • Please DON’T touch, remove, or insert new jewelry into your piercing at the studio, we are happy to do that for you!

Do I need an appointment or can I walk-in?

  • We accept walk-ins on a first-come, first-served basis but appointments take precedence.  To avoid wait times we suggest you book an appointment, ESPECIALLY if you plan to come in on a weekend :)

Where are you located?

  • 333 Grandville Ave SW Suite 300 (3rd floor) Grand Rapids, MI 49503. 

  • Located one block south of Founders Brewing Co. and directly across the street from the Grand Rapids Ballet on the southwest corner of Goodrich and Grandville. 

  • The studio is on the 3rd floor of  the historic 3-story brick horseshoe building. The entrance is the second door of the building where you’ll find an elevator or stairs to get up to the 3rd floor.

Where do I park?

  • OMG! We know!!! Parking is TIGHT but there are metered parking spots all along Goodrich and Finney.  

    • Monday thru Friday from 6am-5pm you must pay at the designated pay station or by using the Park Mobile App or you may be ticketed, be sure to remember your space number.  

  • You may also use the Founders Brewing Co lot and they will validate parking if you stop there AFTER your visit with us for a pint, tasty lunch/dinner, fill up your growler or even a to-go sixer :)  

  • After 5pm or anytime on Saturday or Sunday parking is allowed in the Wolverine Printing parking lot located on the northwest corner OF Grandville and Goodrich, but PLEASE respect their space and ONLY park there during these times!

Can I bring guests?

  • Sure!  You are welcome to bring friends/family to support you and help you choose jewelry and such, however only 2 additional guests will be able to accompany you back to the piercing area. 

Do I need to bring anything?

  • 18+ bring valid State ID, Driver’s License, Passport or Military ID

  • Minors

    • Parent/Guardian MUST be present, so bring them :)

    •  Photo ID for the minor: School ID, Child ID Card, State ID, Drivers License or Passport

    • Photo ID for the parent/guardian: State ID, Drivers License, Military ID or Passport

    • 3) Birth Certificate or Legally Binding Guardianship Document

  • If you regularly wear glasses, hearing device or anything else that is worn in/near the area you are being pierced bring those so we can consider it with placement :)

How much is a piercing?

  • Pricing varies greatly depending on the jewelry chosen, see “Pricing” tab for more info.

What are your hours?

  • We are open noon-8pm Sunday thru Wednesday and 10 am -10pm Thursday thru Saturday

Does it hurt?

  • Everyone has a different experience of pain so it’s hard to say; all piercings are slightly uncomfortable but totally tolerable. Our bodies and minds can handle a lot more than we may sometimes think they can.

  • We will help you stay relaxed and comfortable throughout the process. 

  • Focusing on one’s breath is a great way reduce the anxiety of being pierced and we are here to guide you through it, YOU GOT THIS!

Will it bleed?

  • Any time the skin is broken some bleeding is normal.  

  • You may experience minimal bleeding at home after your piercing is performed and this is normal as well.

  • Some areas of the body are more vascular than others and may bleed more initially, we will inform you at the time of your piercing what to expect with the particular piercing you’ve chosen.

How should I prepare for a new piercing?

  • Eat in the 4 hrs prior to getting pierced so you’ve got normal blood-sugar levels, this will prevent you from feeling woozy or light-headed

  • Stay hydrated

  • Shower and follow your normal oral hygiene routine the day of

  • Have freshly laundered bedding and towels ready at home to prevent the transfer of bacteria to your body through your fresh piercing

How long does a piercing take to heal?

  • How long is a rope? Lol

  • Forgiving and vascular areas of the body such as oral/genital piercings heal significantly faster than cartilage piercing and areas of the body that move/bend alot, or that are easily bumped or snagged.

  • Piercings vary in heal time, but there is a general spectrum of healing:

    • Initial period

      • 1-3 months

      • This is a fragile stage where piercings should be regularly cared for/monitored, initial jewelry should be left in place.

    • Intermediate period

      • 2-5 months

      • Piercings start to feel healed and may be ready for downsized (more snug fitting)  jewelry.  

      • Still prone to irritation caused by trauma (bumping, snagging, chemical, ointments, cosmetics, submerging in stagnant water and being slept on)

      • Less frequent care is required, beyond a normal hygiene routine, if its crusted with discharge clean as needed.

    • Stable period

      • 4-9 months

      • Piercings feel fully healed and can sustain moderate trauma without irritation

      • Normal hygiene routine is typically all you need to do for care

    • Fully healed period

      • 6-12+ months (depending on what piercing you get)

      • New skin cells have generated all the way through your piercing track (fistula)

      • More frequent jewelry changes and snug fit jewelry becomes comfortable

What should I expect during healing?

  • Localized redness, mild inflammation, thin watery discharge, mild discomfort and minimal bleeding are to be expected.

  • For more info see “How long does a piercing take to heal?”

What if I have an irritated piercing?

  • COME SEE US! We are not just here to help you pick rad jewels and do your piercing, we are here for you throughout the healing process.

  • Without seeing your piercing we wouldn't want to offer you any specific advise other than following the suggested aftercare instructions until we can assess things in person.

Do I have an infection?

  • A true infection is uncommon, but we are not medical professionals so we can't answer that question.

  • If you experience the signs/symptoms of infection listed below we suggest you see your PCP for medical care:

    • Deep redness that radiates from the piercing site, or streaking

    • Piercing site is hot to the touch

    • Cloudy, thick, gray-green, foul-smelling discharge

    • Developing a fever after being pierced or piercing becomes problematic

    • Substantial and or increasing pain/discomfort

  • We will not remove jewelry from a piercing that presents with the signs/symptoms of a true infection

    • Removing your jewelry can trap fluids/bacterial inside the body and infection can build/spread and lead to abscessing.

    • You are welcome to follow up with us after seeing your physician for jewelry removal as long you as bring a written okay from your Dr. office letterhead or they can email us directly at [email protected]

Can I get pierced with a hoop / ring?

  • Yes and no…

  • Very few piercing heal better with rings vs studs or barbells.  Daith, Septum, and some genital piercings are exceptions

  • We strongly suggest starting most other piercings with a stud or barbell

    • Rings rotate, move and bring whatever is on the surface of the ring into the piercing track more than a stud does

    •  Most people aren't keen on the look of an oversized hoop, and we have to give your piercing room for swelling and cleaning needs initially

    • Thicker tissue needs a larger ring so how big the ring is will also depend on anatomy 

  • It is great to know ahead of time that you plan to wear a ring so we can place your piercing accordingly

Can I get pierced with my own jewelry?

  • We will only pierce with jewelry that meets the studio/state policy on minimum standards.

    • This means it must be internally tapped or threadless, have a high polish surface, and be made of an implant grade material.

      • We must have an invoice and mill certificate on file for all jewelry used in an initial piercing per state law

    • If you have jewelry you’ve purchased from us in the past, that we removed for you and it remains in the sealed pouch we give you in, it can be used on another piercing as long as the gauge and diameter/length of jewelry is appropriate for the new piercing you want to get

      • We charge a $10 re-processing fee to clean, disinfect, and re-sterilize the jewelry

      • We ask that you bring your jewelry in at least a half hour before your piercing appointment

When can I change my jewelry?

  • You can change the ends of studs/barbells to switch up the look of your piercing at most almost anytime during the healing process, as soon as a few days-weeks after your piercing.  Jewelry changing is a free service we offer our clients and strongly suggest you have us help you in the initial healing period to avoid trauma.

Do you offer jewelry changes?

  • Heck yes we do!

  • If you purchase jewelry with us, installing your new piece is complementary, and we will guarantee fit!

  • Outside jewelry

    • We aren’t able to install jewelry that has previously been worn by someone else.

    • Design, gauge, length and diameter must be appropriate for the intended piercing

    • $10 processing fee for cleaning, disinfecting, sterilizing jewelry

    • Quality (Material, design, surface finish) must meet min. standards

      • All jewelry installed in the studio must be sterilized using an autoclave prior to insertion

      • Outside jewelry, even if is meets the min standard, may be damaged during this sterilization process

      • We will have you sign a waiver stating we will not be held responsible for any damages if you choose to have us sterilize outside jewelry.

How old do you have to be?

  • To come on your own for a piercing you must be 18+

  • For minors it depends on the piercing, please see “Minor Policy” section for more details

Do you do daith piercings for headache / migraine relief?

  • We don’t want to sell you snake oil, so the “ish” answer is no, we do not offer piercing services as a form of medical treatment, BUT we can totally

    give you a safh4 shiny piercing!!!

  • There is no legit, scientifically sound research to indicate that the daith piercing is effective as a treatment for headaches or migraines

  • Some folks experience a decrease in intensity and/or frequency of migraines, and some even feel “cured”

    • Wether this is a placebo effect or an actual result is unknown 

  • Worst case scenario you get a cool new piercing

  • Be prepared for a commitment to aftercare; daith piercings are an inner ear cartilage piercing which will require care and attention: see “How long does a piercing take to heal?” section for more info :)

Do you do tattoos?

  • All of our piercing staff are strictly piercers.  We can answer some general questions about tattooing but for detailed info we suggest you speak with one of our uber talented tattooers! See “Tattoos” tab on main page :)